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Volunteer Firefighter Intl. Publisher Says Thank You

Recent donations will keep this site operating for the foreseeable future

Volunteer Firefighter International has been a self-funded labor of love since it launched in 2019. The site and its social media pages were launched to celebrate the dedication of non-career firefighters across the globe and provide the information you need to be better at your calling.

The ads you see on the site are there free of charge. VFI extended the free-ad offer to groups doing valuable work for volunteer firefighters. To off-set some the out-of-pocket expenses, a donation button was added to the site.

Recently, several generous donors contributed what they could via that PayPal donation button. While the financial contribution is appreciated, so too is message that they send that the site has real value to those people — knowing that makes this all worth it.

So, thank you again to those who donated and to those who read and share VFI content.

Please keep healthy and safe,

Rick Markley, VFI publisher

[email protected]m

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