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Okla. Firefighters Resign Leaving Vol. Dept. Inoperable

By Justin Shrair, KOTV:

The town of Big Cabin is without their all-volunteer fire department after half of the firefighters resigned over a dispute between the department and the town.

The fire chief said his firefighters wanted an agreement for Vinita’s firefighters to help during structure fires, but he said the town board voted against it.

For now, fire trucks inside the Big Cabin Fire Department will not be going anywhere. Firefighters said they need at least six to respond to calls.

“I think we all did it to try and get the point across that we all care about the community, and we have their best interest at mind and safety,” said Fire Chief Zachary Rinehart.

Rinehart said his resignation as well as the assistant fire chief and one other firefighter will go into effect January 31, leaving the department with just one volunteer if nothing is done.

“We had a structure fire a couple weeks ago. From the time we got the page until the time Vinita arrived, or Vinita went in route, was 12 minutes. That 12 minutes can be crucial life or death,” said Rinehart.

Firefighter Kevin Oakley said he’s not resigning and is staying out of the dispute. He said he just wants to fight fires and help people.

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