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Montenegro Volunteers Meet to Set up Firefighting Association

By Marijana Misic Skanata, Total Montenegro News:

Image: Protection and Rescue Service Tivat

The volunteer Fire Brigades held an initial meeting on establishing the Association of Volunteer Firefighting Brigades of Boka. The initiative came from the Protection and Rescue Service Tivat, and DVV Tivat with the goal to improve cooperation and organization of the fire societies, as well as to preserve the environment of Boka Kotorska.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Tivat Volunteer Fire Society (DVV), as well as DVD Krtoli and DVD Luštica, and the Service expects all Bokelian volunteer fire brigades to join the association. Commander of the Protection and Rescue Service (SZS) Zoran Barbić was previously the commander of the Volunteer Fire Brigade Krtoli for ten years. He said for TMN that this initiative is not new:

“This is the idea that I have been thinking of for some time, because my experience with voluntary work has shown me that the Firefighting Association of Montenegro should have the combination of voluntary fire brigades, but from the entry into force of the Law of Protection and Rescue in 2007, the volunteer fire brigades have to lean on the work of Protection and Rescue Services. However, as Security and Rescue Services have even more complex work and the need for new tools and equipment, which is very expensive, it is difficult to finance all of it, because the needs of DVDs are very large. Given that Europe highly values volunteer work, and in addition, we are a state that protects the environment, I thought there was room for the creation of an association that would have over 100 volunteers and could apply for international means, in order to provide a significant part of the funding through them.

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