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Ala. Volunteer Fire Chief, 9 Firefighters Walk Off

By Justin Moore, WPMI:

Grand Bay Volunteer Fire and Rescue is looking for a new fire chief after Chief Grayling Christian resigned.

Grand Bay Fire District Board ordered Christian to dismiss at least two-to-three firefighters, including Christian’s son, who is a volunteer.

Board member Monnie Tripp said instead of following orders, the former chief resigned during Thursday’s fire district meeting. Several volunteer firefighters walked out, too.

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Board President Tony Bagget told NBC 15 News the firefighters they wanted gone had violated policy several times by doing things like letting non-firefighters ride in emergency vehicles. A violation, Bagget said, that could have put the fire department’s insurance policy in jeopardy.

The board appointed Christian as chief back in 2016. We were not able to reach him for comment. However, Lt. Gavin Chandler reached out to NBC 15 during our 6 p.m. newscast. Chandler was one of the volunteer firefighters the board wanted gone. He said the board was trying to find reasons to force Christian out of his position. According to Chandler, Christian was paid $500 a week as fire chief and the board was tired of paying. He said nine volunteers quit after the chief resigned.

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Image: WPMI

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